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How to register GoIP(GSM Gateway) with SMS Server

Step 1 : add goip account for goip

Enter the sms server, click “system manage---goip manage---add goip”

ID----------------A name of goip
Batch Lines--- we can add multiple lines at one time.
Provider------- mobile operators

After click "Add", we have added 8 lines for a goip8, ID from goip-101 to goip-108,as belows:

Step 2 : connect goip with sms server

Firstly, enter the goip webpage and config settings as belows:

SMS Server IP--- The IP address of your goip

Port is 44444

After finished above settings, click “ Auto Config Other Lines “ and “ Save Changes “.

Secondly, enter the sms server to refresh the settings:

Then, you will see the followings:

That means goip’s channel has been connected with the sms server.

Now, we can send SMS/USSD and do automatically recharge.