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     Shenzhen HyberTone Technology Co., Ltd. is a new high-tech enterprise, which integrates scientific research, developing, producing, and selling into an organic whole. Since it was esta blished, it has been engaged in the research, development and Production of the communication Products. It has owned abundant experience in the development, Production, and sale of software and hardware. The company relies mainly on the sale of solution schemes and regards the sale of its own Products as the complement. The key Products includes all kinds of broadband IP Telephone Terminal station, broadband IP telephone gateway, communication protocol stack, enterprise exchange server and charge system.
The company's key technology covers all respects of electronic Product’s development, transforming from the research and development of electronic circuit, and imbedding the ground floor of software system to the industrial design and authentication of the whole model. The main development items include hardware design, industrial design, development of embedded Linux, development of communication protocol stack, development of database and using platform, development of figure interface, etc.. As to its designing ability, it is experienced in the development of software and hardware from simple MCU to complicated 64-imbedded chip.

     As a company which develops software and hardware, HyberTone Company deeply understands the importance and dignity of the intellectual property right. All the software and hardware Products of the company are developed by itself in order to guarantee its own intellectual property right. While using the domestic and international patented technology such as g.723, g.729, etc., it pays some fee for using technical patent or uses authorized special chip according to the rules of using intellectual property right strictly. HyberTone’s own patented technology and source code developed by itself are important Products of the company too.

     As HyberTone Company’s all Products are designed by itself and it owns all source codes, all Products belonging to HyberTone can be customized. And software and hardware, from the basic revisement of user interface to the redesign of new customer Products, can be made definitely. As a solution seller, we insist advanced technology as our only brand.
HyberTone technology has already implemented the reform of shares. So the main developers have got the company's share. And accordingly, the staff's cohesiveness has got the distillation of quality in the people-first culture. With strong technological background, flexible way of communication and the staff's diligent cultivation, HyberTone technology is sure to create the best Products and the largest profit for customers.