GSM Gateway GOIP-4 Show

1.GOIP4 Basic definition of the gateway

GOIP4 is the GSM network and VOIP network seamless connect ed product. Fix 4 SIM card into the GOIP4 gateway, it can connect the GSM phone to the VOIP soft switch system.

2.Basic Application

Condition: Standard SIP/H323 platform, GOIP4, voip phone & 4 SIM cards

Connection: Fix the 4 SIM card into the GOIP4, make GOIP4 connected INTERNET, then register to the softswitch.


For example: After GOIP4 registered to the softswitch, make a call to anyone of the 4 SIM card’s number, you will hear the dial tone again,(this dial tone is made by GOIP4).Then dial the number what you want, this way you make the call via VOIP. So it makes PSTN to VOIP come true.


For example: there were one voip phone and one GOIP4 gateway registered to the same softswitch, if GOIP4’s prefix configured as 9,it's the meaning that when the incoming call with 9 prefix, it will be send to GOIP4 gateway. If GOIP4’s prefix configured as 9T, there‘s a call to 913900580058, the GOIP4 will send 13900580058 via GSM network. So it makes VOIP to PSTN come true.

3.Other Application

Condition: Standard SIP/H323 platform, GOIP4, 4 SIM cards

a)Call forward:

Description: Someone is in China, but all most of his business in Malaysia. What he need to do is to set 4 Malaysia’s SIM card into our GOIP4 gateway, all the phone to this 4 Malaysia’s SIM card will be transfer to his Chinese phone, this can save a lot of international call fee.

b)Call back

Description: User A uses the normal telephone or mobile phone, but he want to make discount call via VOIP, so user A just need to dial the SIM card number of GOIP, GOIP will send the dialing number to the server, when the server receive the invite signal it will alter user A to press the B number they want to dial, then the call from A to B is connected.