GoIP Application 5: Call Back Service

1. Call Back is referring to the telecommunications event that occurs when the originator of a call is immediately called back in a second call as a response.
2. GoIP could be used to achieve this function alone or as an terminal that is integrated in an existing call back server/platform.
3. For standalone operation,GoIP receives a call with caller ID information and then rejects the call immediately without answering the call.GoIP then calls back the caller so that he can dial a phone number to make a call.In this case,GoIP must register to a VoIP Service Provider who can offer terminate the call.
4. In a call back system,GoIP acts as a device to initiate the call back function.Typically, this is done in two ways.The first method is to send an SMS with the callee’s phone number to the GoIP.The GoIP then sends both the caller's and callee's phone numbers to the call back server to complete the call back function.The second method is to call the GoIP and the hang up (with the call being answered).GoIP sends the caller’s phone number to the call back server and the call back server calls the caller directly so that the caller can then dial a phone number to make a call.