Why do I get low ASR/ACD with GoIP?

1. Why do I get low ASR with GoIP?

ASR is the short for Answer Seizure Rate. It is a measurement of network quality and call success rate in telecommunications. It is the percentage of answered telephone calls with respect to the total call volume. There are a number of ways that ASR can be affected.

a) Please make sure that the total number of call sent to a GoIP does not exceed the number of channels available.

b) Please make sure that all GSM channel are registered with good signal level.

c) Please make sure that the SIM cards inserted are valid and charged.

d) Please make sure that Post Dial Delay (PDD) is reasonable. Please see question 22 in this section for more explanation on PDD.

2. Why do I get low ACD with GoIP?

ACD is the short for Average Call Duration. It tracks the length of time a customer is on the phone. You can investigate this issue by monitoring the voice quality of all GoIP channels. If the voice quality is poor, please try to check the GSM signal level and try to make GSM calls with a cellphone (using the same GSM network) to compare the voice quality. In addition, the voice quality of the VoIP calls should also be verified as well.

The stability of the call connection also affects the ACD. Please make sure that calls are not dropped by the GSM network or by the SIP server.

The Post Dial Delay (PDD) could also affects the ACD and ASR as well. Please see question 21 in this section for more explanation on PDD.

3. Why do I hear echoes?

If echoes occur, upgrading the firmware may solve this problem. Please visit the following URL for the latest GoIP firmware.


4. Why do I get poor voice performance when all GSM channels are in use?

Please check if there is enough network bandwidth for both upstream and downstream data traffics. The bandwidth requirement per voice channel depends on the codec adopted and other network parameters. Please refer to the GoIP User Manual for more information on the bandwidth requirement.

In addition, please make sure that the voice quality issue is not introduced by the GSM network in use.