Can I send SMS via GoIP?Can GoIP send bulk SMS?

1. Can I send SMS via GoIP?

Yes, you can send SMS via the GoIP's built-in webpage, but it is limited to a single destination (just one GSM number per message). Please note that the sent SMS is not saved for future review.

2. Can GoIP send bulk SMS?

Sending SMS via GoIP's built-in webpage is limited to a single destination (just one GSM number). For sending bulk SMS, you need to use our SMS Server which is a free Linux based software utility. You can find the SMS Server Installation Manual and Installation Package in the download area of our website.

3. Can GoIP receive SMS?

Yes, GoIP can receive SMS and the last five messages received are kept in the SMS Box regardless of the SMS Mode selected.

4. How do I delete received SMS messages?

You cannot delete received messages in the SMS Box. The latest 5 SMS messages are kept in the SMS BOX in the built-in webpage. Old messages are deleted as new messages come in.

5. What is the maximum number of characters in a SMS message?

The data length of a SMS message is 140 bytes. By default, GoIP is using 7-bit ASCII encoding scheme and this allows 160 characters to be packed in 140 bytes. However, if 16-bit unicode characters are entered, the encoding scheme is changed to 16-bit unicode automatically. The maximum number can be sent is reduced to 70 characters. Please note that the current 7-bit encoding algorithm only supports ASCII characters (excluding control characters).

6. Is GSM 03.38 Character set supported in SMS message encoding?

No, it is currently not supported. This feature is supported in the SMS Server.

7. Why do I get line busy signal when sending USSD or SMS via the same GSM channel?

This problem could be fixed by using IE to send USSD and SMS.

8. Why is there a discrepancy in the talk time measurement by a SIP Service provider and a GSM service provider?

The discrepancy could be accounted from two possible sources.

a) SIP 183 should be enabled to start the early media. This allows the SIP Server to measure the start time of a call more accurately.

Navigation Links: configurationscall settingsEarly Media Mode (Early Media & Local Ring/ Early Media)

b) Extra time delay introduced by the GoIP in reporting the end of a call to the SIP server. This delay is reduced by upgrading its firmware to the latest version. Please visit our website for the upgrade link to the latest firmware version.